Monday, May 20, 2013

Moving on

Tonight my baby boy had his moving on ceremony from preschool.  It was so beautiful and touching, but I am still in shock that I only have 3 more times to walk up the path at Prairie Flower Children's Center.  Our whole family has benefited significantly from the education of our whole child at Prairie Flower.  I would be lying - big time - if I tried to say it is not with great sadness that we "move on" from this wonderful place. 

Miss Delphine gathering the children around for a lovely story about wisdom and who holds it (spoiler: children do)!  I love the way Jack is watching her here.  I cried (duh).

After the story the children each were given a candle by Miss Delphine, who whispered something to each one as she gave it to them.  The candle was then lite by Miss Lauren and the children were guided to walk back* across the rainbow bridge to their parents on the other side.  Jack has been talking for weeks about how excited he is to go to kindergarten and move on from Prairie Flower.  Tonight after he walked across and came to sit with us he said, "it really makes me sad to be leaving Prairie Flower."  Oh my sweet babe.

My preschoolers hands with his candle flame burning bright. 

 A decent attempt to snag a photo with his two amazing (and I mean amazing) teachers.  

 An attempt at a family shot from moving on night.  

 I love you Jack.  It's okay to be sad to say goodbye as you move on.  I know you are off to great things!

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Nancy said...

Mandi- this made me teary, too. It's such a great place... Hugs, mama.