Thursday, July 26, 2012

Missing Melrose

In just a few short days we'll be back home in Iowa.  However, this time home has a whole new and exciting meaning for us.  We'll be handed the keys to OUR HOUSE.  It's been such an amazing journey to home for us and although we are overwhelmed with the tasks ahead (unpacking a storage unit, a few household tasks, settling in, etc.) we are really overjoyed to take them on!

In the midst of all this joy and excitement about the new house I feel the need to pause and reflect on all that our "old" place has meant to us.  Our house on Melrose certainly was intimate, but it served us very well and we made a lot of memories there.

We moved in with an 18-month-old Jack.  That little boy went from trikes to bikes on those sidewalks.  He mastered talking (ahem) and turned 2, then 3, and finally 4 in that house.  He went to his first day of Prairie Flower from that doorstep.  Jack and his daddy hung an awesome tire swing in the front yard (for our 5th anniversary) that drew in all the neighborhood kids.  We often had indoor picnics due to our lack of table space.

And although these precious precious moments will Jack will always be treasured I will never every forget the few magical hours between November 14th and 15th in that house where we welcomed Charlie Gene (literally, right there) - my beautiful born at home baby boy.   We got to see his first smiles there and here is his giggles.  He sat up solo in the living room and ate grass from the shade of the beautiful maple tree.  Ah, the maple tree at Melrose....seriously, the most beautiful tree in town.

With all the coordinating and a bit of a rush to get out of town in a timely manner I feel we didn't take a proper moment to pause and say farewell to Melrose.  So I'll take this moment to breath it in and let it go.


Ah, now there is room for a new love.

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Mumbles said...

Just passing through, recognizing in you our own struggle to get moved, get everything lined up, get out of one place and into another on a seemingly impossible timeline. But also wondering and worrying how you fared with Sandy? I hope you and your beautiful family escaped unscathed in your new home.